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New Partnership

We're always excited when we embark on new partnerships with vendors, customers and clients, but this recent partnership is different...exciting, and different, and we're excited to share the news with you.

First, some history...
The Center of Family Love, located in Okarche, Oklahoma, serves as a safe haven and home for over 117 developmentally challenged adults of all ages and abilities.

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Ad Club – Heritage Style

Heritage sponsored the monthly OKC Ad Club meeting this past Wednesday. Kent Dean (the guest speaker) is a 22-year veteran of the advertising industry and is also a Licensed Facilitator for True Colors™ . His seminar, Improving Workplace Communication.

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Santa voted, did you?

Once Santa heard how cool our Christmas card campaign was he jumped on board and texted in his vote as well!

The results are in...

(drum roll please......)

The Ronald McDonald House received 23% of the votes
Regional Food Bank of OK received 36% of the votes
Infant Crisis Services received 41% of the votes

Each of these fine organizations will receive a portion of our donation based on the percentage of votes they received! (We will be hand delivering checks next week.

Merry Texting…

For our Christmas gift this year, we wanted to make a cash donation to a charity that’s making a difference in Oklahoma. When we sat down to make out our list we narrowed it down to three charities that just rock! Infant Crisis Services, The Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and The OKC Ronald McDonald House.

Fight Like a Girl!

You already know we love those folks over at INTEGRIS! We’ve been managing their company store for a while now but recently we were contacted about a new program for them. INTEGRIS Women's Health Services wanted to raise breast cancer awareness. They were on a bit of a time crunch, and wanted t-shirts printed to offer to their employees.

Apple a Day

Recently we decided to try a little direct mail campaign for Heritage! (We wanted to try out some new solutions and track the response rate of the direct mail as well.) At Heritage we have to be able to show our customers, first hand, what's working and what's not when it comes to direct mail.

Wellness Rocks and so does INTEGRIS!

Recently we attended the Wellness Rocks Tour for INTEGRIS Health. (Forget Wellness Rocks, these PEOPLE rock!! We love them!)

We manage the apparel website for INTEGRIS employees, so attending their yearly benefits fair was a GREAT way to meet INTEGRIS employees and show them all the cool new merchandise on the website.

P is for Print

I would love to tell you I wrote the article below, but I didn't. I did a good ol' fashioned Ctrl c, Ctrl v, and pasted it right here. The beauty of the blog is that copy & pasting isn't considered plagiarism when you link the story back to the source.

Our Blog’s First Anniversary

We started the Heritage blog one year ago today. (Seems like only yesterday, sort-of!)

It's only fitting that the traditional 1 year anniversary gift is PAPER! Makes me think back to all the cool printed pieces we've produced and blogged about.

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Tradeshow Fun

Let's be honest, trade shows are a lot of work! Reserving tables, setting up, traveling, walking to-and-from your car 13 times to get everything you need is a lot of work! BUT, each time we go through that saga, at the end we say "Man, that was fun!"

I think the "fun" comes from the energy of the crowds of people, most are there to have a good time, learn something new, and it doesn't hurt to come home with bags of free goodies!

Recently we attended the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce event, SchmoozaPalooza.

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