Custom Brand Merchandise

In a nutshell: Your brand/logo is who you are – it tells your story! We can help manage how you use that logo on product – creating brand consistency and that WOW factor! And yes, we can put your logo on pretty much anything.

Dig a little deeper:
Branding with custom merchandise is a key element of an integrated marketing strategy. It reinforces brand recognition within your current customer base, as well as creating awareness for future customers. Heritage Integrated has comprehensive solutions for all your business’s custom merchandising needs (also known as SWAG), including design, product creation, warehousing, shipping, and eCommerce.

At Heritage, we understand that effective branding with custom merchandise involves much more than printing a logo on a koozie or pencil. We not only work with you to create memorable products, but we also handle the logistics of warehousing, order processing, inventory tracking, invoicing, packaging, and shipping. Let Heritage help your brand achieve the recognition it deserves.

Sure, you can look at our promotional products site (here) but we prefer you tell us your ideas and budget and timeframe and let us do the research for you!

Our custom brand merchandise offers answers for:

  • Businesses that utilize brand merchandise for a variety of purposes (new hire packages, new customer packages, launch kits, awards, recognitions, and more)
  • Businesses that offer custom brand products for sale through their websites
  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Businesses that require brand consistency across multiple product lines
  • Businesses that require warehousing and order fulfillment services for custom brand merchandise

Ready for more brand consistency? Let’s talk! Email us.

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  • LED-Safety-Light_01
    LED Safety Light
    Zoom® Audio Flask
    Burlap Little Buddy Can Holder with Neoprene Pocket
    Massager Pen
  • Jigsaw-Sticky-Flags_01
    Jigsaw Sticky Flags
    24 Oz. OXO Two Top Bottle
    Packit – Freezable Lunch Tote
    Drawstring Backpack w/ Zipper
    4 GB Swivel 700 Series