eCommerce and Web Services

In a nutshell: We can manager your inventory and provide B2B or B2C websites to collect and fulfill your orders!

Dig a little deeper:
Even simple websites require careful design and frequent updates to drive customer engagement. At Heritage, our website and eCommerce solutions ensure that your online presence is as strong as the rest of your business.

Website management and eCommerce are vital components of a successful marketing strategy. A dynamic website showcases your business’s products and services, promotes audience engagement, and increases brand awareness. Electronic commerce solutions increase sales by streamlining the purchasing and order fulfillment process. Heritage Integrated has expertise in every facet of eCommerce and website management.

Heritage’s eCommerce and website solutions are ideal for:

  • Businesses with multiple locations
  • Businesses that utilize custom brand merchandise as part of their brand management strategy
  • Businesses requiring a dynamic, comprehensive Web presence
  • Businesses requiring an integrated marketing strategy that maintains brand consistency across digital platforms

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