Demographic Research and Data

In a nutshell: We can purchase prospect lists to find your target, or help you manage the prospect/customer data you already have – to make your campaign strategy a success.

Dig a little deeper:
Reaching the target audience is essential to any successful marketing strategy, and demographic research and direct mail campaigns are an integral part of that process. Businesses build relationships with their ideal customers by identifying the information needed to reach them, targeting them with personalized content, and tracking the results.

We have the expertise to manage your campaign from start to finish. First, our team utilizes specific industry resources to generate focused demographic research and identify your ideal target market, no matter how narrow or how broad you need that to be. Then we develop a mailing list of prospects who meet those criteria. At Heritage, we offer comprehensive design and printing solutions to create your message, and our distribution services ensure its successful delivery.

Our demographic research and direct mail solutions are ideal for:

  • Businesses that require complex, targeted list research and data collection
  • Businesses that create varied direct mail marketing campaigns
  • Businesses with products or services targeted toward diverse groups of customers
  • Businesses requiring a streamlined, comprehensive approach that includes demographic
    research, data collection, printing, and distribution

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