Trouble at the Bus Stop

Recently we produced a very cool piece for an emerging design studio in Oklahoma City, Studio fj, and their client ACOG. ACOG is the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, and their purpose is to aid local governments in planning for common needs, cooperating for mutual benefit, and coordinating for sound regional development.

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Global Handwashing Day

Today is Global Handwashing Day!
No, that does not mean it's the only day this year you need to wash your hands!

This is straight from the Global Handwashing Day website.... "October 15, 2009 will revolve around schools and children. On Global Handwashing Day, playgrounds, classrooms, community centers, and the public spaces of towns and cities will be awash with activity to drive handwashing behavior change on a scale never seen before, bringing the critical issue to center stage.

MADly in Love’s

At Heritage we are MADly in love with Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores corporation! Not only are they a great company, they are also doing some great things within their company for the employees. Their internal brand is “Making a Difference, You Take Care of Your Customers and We’ll Take Care of You!” (I worked for a company once and their motto was “You take care of your customers, or we fire you”, as you can see Love’s has a MUCH more motivating campaign!)

Heritage created an internal website for Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores Corporate Office that features Love’s branded items.

AAAAAAY! What would FOGzie do?

It’s the Fonz! Fonzie was great, right? Everyone liked him!

I mean really, what parent wouldn’t like some older, biker dude hanging out with their high school age children? I remember watching those Nick-at-Nite reruns of Happy Days and I so badly wanted to be Pinky Tuscadero.

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Countdown to the holidays

The holidays are rapidly approaching! I don’t care if you celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah….whatever the case…it’s coming up. AND that means you need to come up with a way to say thank you to your employees and customers for a great 2009!

Maybe 2009 has been challenging and you can’t do much, but you’d like to do something…we can help.

Sales Spotlight: Meet Curtis

This week is the first week for us to bring you a new feature we’d like to call “Meet & Greet”. Occasionally we’ll introduce you to someone from our amazing staff. (Sounds exciting, right?)

I know you read the title “Meet Curtis” and you’re thinking tell me more about this Curtis fellow.

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New filmmaker finally achieves his dream

Over a billion served daily...
Okay so we don’t serve up a billion postcards “daily” but we’ve printed a few million postcards for this powerhouse company. Trost Consulting has partnered with Heritage for the past couple of years, and we work closely with them to provide high quality postcards for their clients.

Kicking Off Football Season Right…

One of the many things we do here at Heritage is host websites and web stores, B2B and B2C sites (that’s business to business sites and business to consumer sites, just in case you didn’t know!)

We host the OU Store for the OU Alumni Association.

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And the winner is….

Each year Print Industries of America (PIA) awards printers for excellent, great, fabulous, wonderful, marvelous, print projects. (It doesn’t say all that on the award, but that’s what they mean!)

This year Heritage won an Award of Recognition for the 2007 Noble Foundation Annual Report.

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Paper of the Month

We're starting something new here at Heritage...the Paper of the Month!

Now when you receive a sample from Heritage it will be wrapped & sent to you in a wonderful new paper! All the details about the paper will be featured on the right side bar of the blog.

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