Hey, there’s a coffee cup in the mail box.

We do a lot of printing at Heritage, but you already knew that. We print all sorts of things that are plain-Jane, ordinary, different, fun, unique, wild, complicated, and amazing. The pieces we printed for Cubic, a Tulsa-based creative agency, and their customer Cox Business were unique, complicated, and amazing all rolled into one!

The goal of the project was to get new customers for Cox Business.

Sonic Mix Masters

Recently we helped our friends over at Dr Pepper design a totally cool t-shirt for their client SONIC. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill t-shirts. These are color changing shirts, that actually change color when they’re in the sun! Pretty cool, right? We thought so.

VOTE for a Cure!

A while ago we blogged about the Breast Cancer Awareness shirts we did for INTEGRIS. Well those shirts have literally gone viral!!! (Not sure that’s the best analogy when talking about a hospital and I’m also not sure it’s 100% true!) WHAT IS TRUE is that INTEGRIS entered a video into the 2012 Pink Glove Dance contest sponsored by Medline, and they need our VOTES!

This all started in 2011 when a 30 year veteran INTEGRIS employee, Monica Rostykus, approached her employer about entering the Pink Glove Contest.

Unique Gifts…Unique Websites

At Heritage we get the privilege to work with some amazing companies and organizations.  Over the past year we’ve maintained the Majirani Market website for World Neighbors.  (Yes, you probably have heard a lot about World Neighbors over the past few weeks on the news due to their yearly fundraising gala “A Journey Around the World” and WorldFest.

Love is in the Air

As part of our partnership with Integris, we have the amazing opportunity to work on special projects for them throughout the year.   For the third year in a row we’ve had the pleasure of working with the employees at Integris Comprehensive Breast Care Center to help design, promote and sell shirts for breast cancer awareness.

Thunder Up!

Can you tell we were a bit excited for the "big games" starting tonight??

Oklahoma is a rally state; we rally around our fellow Oklahomans in good times and bad times. That's why the Thunder is such a great team for OKLAHOMA!  They support each other, they always talk of teamwork, and they rally and fight for the win!  What an awesome time for them and our city.

2012 Heritage Golf Tournament

Aaron Sparks has been a loyal Heritage employee for 8 years, his positive attitude and smile light up a room. Aaron brings that joy to work even through hard times – his wife, of 18 years, Terry was diagnosed with Lupus in 2003 and her condition has continued to worsen over the years.

We Roll On…

Mid 2011, we decided that we should look at a new brand message for Heritage. People knew us as Heritage Press and even though that was what our “heritage” was built on our solutions and capabilities had outgrown the name. Plus, us saying “we’re more than just a printer” was getting old.

Emergency Responder Packages

What happens when one of your amazing customers calls you and says “we have this special project and we need about 50,000 promotional items produced and ready for shipment in a week and a half, can you help?” Well, if you’re the Ad Specialties department at Heritage Solutions you say, “sure – no problem!!” (Then you proceed to ask all your employees to dig in their heels for the next week and a half! They love a good challenge!)

Our great partners over in Community Relations & Corporate Events at Chesapeake Energy Corporation recently had a need arise.